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Pheasants For Sale

Since 2002, Finn Valley Pheasantries has been supplying pheasants for sale to shoot and game clubs in Ireland, Scotland and England.

Finn Valley Pheasantries is well known and respected for the quality of their pheasants and their guaranteed deliveries, and has now become one of the largest suppliers of game birds including pheasants for sale in the North West of Ireland.

pheasants for sale

From May to August each year the following birds can be supplied:

  • Day Old Pheasant and Partridge Chicks
  • Common Ringneck Pheasant Poults 7 Weeks
  • Black Neck Pheasant Poults 7 Weeks
  • Obcsurs Pheasant Poults 7 Weeks
  • Red Leg Partridge Poults 10 weeks
  • Grey Partridge Poults 10 weeks
  • 21 Week Adult Cock Pheasants ready in October

    Delivery throughout Ireland is free for substantial orders.

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